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….so i want to keep it short & sweet by saying “hello” and “welcome to my blog”. phew! no more pressure!

i’m going to start off will a lil DIY post.
i’ve been putting off this project for a while now and finally decided to give in and give it a go!

inspiration :

proenza schouler, spring 2010.


  • assorted simply spray fabric paints @ $4.99 per bottle (i recommend at least 3-4 colors)
  • a white t-shirt – i used two (one was just for practice)
  • a spray bottle of h20
  • a panel of cardboard or plastic to place inside the shirt to prevent bleeding
  • step 1:

    lay the garment flat on a smooth surface and place the cardboard or plastic inside the shirt.

    step 2:

    beginning with the “brite yellow”, test the spray stream first (some cans may be faulty). once you are comfortable controlling the spray, begin applying paint to the side, underarm, and shoulder areas. give it a second go for more vibrant color.

    step 3:

    using the “caribbean blue” (or turquoise), test the spray stream as you did before. then spray the color to fill in all the excess white areas. if it overlaps on top of the yellow, drips, etc. DON’T FRET! imperfections will work in your favor!

    step 4:

    let the garment dry (it’s been pushing 100 degrees in my neck of the woods, so it didn’t take long  underneath the sun). then repeat painting steps on the opposite side of the shirt. as you can see below, i added a steady stream of the “blue jay” to contrast the front. the cutoff tank below was for practice only.

    step 5:

    after you’ve allowed the shirt to dry completely (on both sides), spray the front panel of the garment with the h2o bottle. once the fabric is damp, neatly scrunch into rows. then use the black paint to delicately spray tiny spots along the rows – make sure to start small since the water will encourage bleeding. let dry once more. wash before wear.

    et voilà!

    proenza schouler inspired tie dye top.
    paired with a black bandage skirt and jeffrey campbell potion boots :: kiss! kiss!

    FYI PS I Made This has a variation of this method that is pretty spot on. check it out!

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