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as most of my peoples know… i go a lil nutty for all things warhol!

i was excited to find out that danziger projects in new york city is currently running an exhibition featuring over thirty polaroids taken by warhol between 1970 and 1986. it’s appropriately titled “big shots” – since his favorite cam was the polaroid big shot.

“the camera served as an indispensable tool for warhol in the production of commissioned portraits. he would take several packs of film at each sitting, and then select his favorite image to be silkscreened onto canvas by his assistants. the resulting image became the ground and basis of each painting.”

recognize any of these famous faces??

“proving that the simplest tools are no impediment to creativity, the polaroids are both a celebration of fame and an intriguing look at the cleverness behind the façade warhol so often used to disguise the intelligence and innovation of his work. while he is not best known as a photographer, he loved the medium, an apt one for the artist due to its repetitive, mechanical nature and its ability to illuminate the sense of star-power warhol felt when faced with his famous subject.”

(more info HERE)