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snatched up some cute stuff at the versace x h&m launch in glendale at the americana at brand location on saturday. the camp-out began at midnight. i tweeted, instagram-d, and filmed my experience…


window display.

midnight : a lil alcohol in the system. super excited!!

1:04am @linnyleloo basically, the mantra now is… “get what you can get.”
id say im number 30ish in line. eek.

2:58am @linnyleloo not even 1/2 way there and sleepytime.

3:14am @linnyleloo everyone’s been super nice for the most part. a few tattle-tale types. lots of blankets, chairs, 1 air mattress spotted. wow.

3:16am @linnyleloo the dudes are all dressed the same. hoodie + leather jacket or peacoat + scarf. common denominator: want “Yeezy” jacket. haha

6:37am @linnyleloo roughly 1 hour of shitty sleep on the sidewalk.
now i know what it feels like to be homeless.

7:06am @linnyleloo treats!

7:09am @linnyleloo banded! finally.

7:22am @linnyleloo free coffee bean! thk u h&m glendale.

fitting room.

the h&m pr girls took this of me outside. i guess you’d look pissed too functioning on no sleep, too much caffeine, and having to deal with feisty fashionistas.

10:01am @linnyleloo got my hot lil hands on some nice goodies… but this is something i will never do again. i feel weird.

elton john wanted to be apart of it ;)

summary: the rules started out as this… the first 280 people in line get colored wristbands to “pre-shop” in 15 minute increments. i was in the third/yellow group. as soon as 8am hit, it quickly took a disorganized turn and craziness ensued. the male ebay resellers were the most annoying shoppers. they snatched up as many items as they could get their paws on so sadly, many of us women weren’t able to get what we had initially set out to purchase.

closing remarks: as someone who has followed and enjoyed the label since the gianni days, it makes me sad that shoppers devalued and disrespected the line in such a way. for that very reason DO NOT PURCHASE VERSACE X H&M GOODS ON EBAY. don’t support those jerks! on a lighter note, i made a lot of new friends and got to meet eva from top model. i’m defnitely not the right fit for this kind of thing but i'm glad i tried it once.